Changing Seasons

In North America (Canada & US), this weekend marks the end of a season. While it isn’t technically the end of the summer season according to my calendar, when we pass Labor Day weekend, there is something in our psyche that summer is now over.

Shall we cry over summer being gone?

Hardly! Instead we should take the summer memories and use them as a springboard for a great autumn. If the summer was filled with great memories of vacations, time spent with family, and resting in the sun, then the summer has been a success — no matter what others might say.

However, if the summer wasn’t as productive as we would have liked it to be, then we can use this mental season change to reignite our passion to pursue the goals that we were meaning to do.

The Blessing of the Seasons

There is so much that I could say about how the seasons are a blessing. They remind us of the passing of time. We might not be interested in time passing, but as the future becomes the present, and the present leaps into history, having the seasons remind us that time is passing gives us reason to value our present moments even more.

Also, the seasons add variety to our lives. Sure, I don’t like sunburns and slipping on the ice, but if there was only one season, then life would not be nearly as interesting.

Thirdly, seasons push us in and out of times of rest. It is a reminder that even nature, who really doesn’t need rest if we were to think about it, takes the winter off. Because of the winter (which many people dislike), we are able to have the beautiful blooming flowers and trees in the spring after the winter rest, and we are able to have a symphony of colors to decorate autumn.

Planting and Harvesting

Spring is for planting and autumn is for harvesting. Such is the cycle of life.

As we move into the harvest season, it is another great reminder of the idea that we are only able to harvest what we have planted. There is no way that we will get carrots or onions out of the ground if we originally planted corn. The same is true with life.

What have been the things that you have planted? Have they been primarily positive or negative?

What are you harvesting in your life? Is it positive or negative?

While I won’t jump to the conclusion that the only way to get positives is by planting positives and the only way to get negatives is by planting negatives, I will say that life usually works this way. The reason this doesn’t work on a universal scale is because we are all interconnected. We are all part of the same field and if you are like me, there are people you know who are weeds.

Instead of dwelling on the weeds in our lives, let’s take steps to change our focus. Personally, my summer has been wonderful. I have been able to spend quality time with my wife, and I have been able to tackle many of the goals I had set out to do earlier in the year. One such goal was updating my Bible study membership website. Just last weekend, we passed 1,000 study comments and notes being saved into it.

To celebrate, I put together an incredible sale. If you are interested in moving into a new season of your walk with Jesus, then I definitely recommend checking this sale out! As I write this, there are still a few spots left at 80% off. If you love a deal, then you can’t get any better than this, and I am positive that they will be gone soon!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and enjoy the changing of the seasons!