Plan Now or Risk Drifting

We just entered the month of November which means that Christmas and the end of 2012 are almost here. While plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations and vacations are fresh on our minds, we should also begin to think about our plans for 2013. While most people wait till the week before the New Year to plan, perhaps it might be worth thinking about the next year before all the holiday chaos.

Are there any projects, areas of your life, or things that you know you should do in 2013 or before the New Year rolls around? If so, write them down, attach a completion date to them, and decide in advance how you will move forward. By creating a simple “action plan”, you will have jump-started your success in the coming year!

My “One-Thing” Thoughts and Plans

Earlier this year, I wrote and spoke to audiences about having one big, overarching goal for my life and the 2012 year. I decided that instead of broadly focusing on many goals in many areas of my life, I would choose one thing, and push hard at it until it was finished. Currently I have completed two “one-thing” goals. The first was finished in late March/early April, and after completing it I set another “one-thing” goal that was completed by the middle of July.

Since July, I have semi-drifted with no clear goals or direction; however, I have still been busy. Last weekend, while “sharpening the saw” with about 30 other people, I had the inspiration of one more “one-thing” goal that I have nicknamed “my November project”. In addition to planning out where I would like 2013 to take me, my final “one-thing” goal for 2012 is to complete this project in the month of November. Stay tuned for further details. 🙂

Do You Have a “One-Thing” Focus Moving Forward?

If you are still thinking about your goals and plans, this is perfectly OK, though I suggest that you set a finish date for having your plans made. The earlier the better, and ideally it would be great to have them set before Thanksgiving (by mid-November).

As we wrap up this short discussion, what are your plans for the rest of 2012 and moving forward into 2013? Feel free to share, even if you are still thinking through them. By planning ahead, and sharing / discussing our plans together, we can make 2013 our best year yet!