Are You Asking the Right Questions?

This morning, I was reading in Proverbs and I ran across this verse:

Though good advice lies deep within the heart,
a person with understanding will draw it out. – Proverbs 20:5 (NLT)

I have read this verse at least half a dozen times before, but something new hit me as I read it this morning.

If you have ever read Proverbs, you may remember it talks about people who are wise, lazy, drunk, addicted, and more, however what caught me this time is that it is not the “person with understanding” that has the good advice. Someone who has understanding is instead able to draw good advice out of a person’s heart.

This means that no matter where you are in life, no matter how little you believe yourself to be, and no matter how inexperienced you think you are, there is good advice hidden deep within your heart!

However, if you are pushing back on this idea and telling yourself that you need to find “a person with understanding” to help you, you may be right. However, this verse leaves the door completely open for you to become your own person with understanding. Proverbs does speak of many benefits to becoming wise and a person with understanding, and if you are familiar with Solomon’s life, these characteristics were a gift from God to a young king who knew he needed lots of help.

This leads us to another level we could look at in this verse: This verse leaves the door completely open for you to look to the Source of all wisdom and understanding (God) to help you find the good advice that hides deep within your heart.

So what is some ‘good advice’ you have to offer? What is something that is ‘common sense’ to you but potentially revolutionary to someone else? If you are unsure, perhaps take a minute to ask God to show you some good advice that you know but have been overlooking.

If you’d like to, feel free to share your good advice below!