This morning I was reading more in the story of Jesus’ birth. Like many places in the Bible, and especially in the gospels, this was something I have read, listened to others read, and seen depicted in video many times over.

The passage I looked at this morning was Luke 2:1-20. In these few verses, we read that Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and angels came to visit shepherds, who then came to visit Jesus in a stable.

I probably have heard this idea before, but looking at the passage this morning showed me that all the characters and elements are among the lowest classes in society. Let me explain:

In these few verses, we read that Mary (an otherwise unknown young girl) and Joseph (a regular craftsman) had to travel to Bethlehem (a small unassuming town), where Jesus (the Savior of the World and the center point in time) was born, and angels came (uncommon occurrence) to visit shepherds (one of the lowest classes in society), who then came to visit Jesus (God becoming man) in a stable (the least likely place for a woman to give birth).

These 20 verses are full of an all powerful God choosing the least likely and most unassuming people imaginable.

This morning, I was impressed with the following idea: Even if we think that we are at the bottom, a ‘nobody’ in society, or even a ‘nobody’ to those who should care, we ARE still special and always chosen by God!

While Jesus has already been born, died for our sins, was resurrected, and is now in heaven, there are still reasons that God has chosen us – things that only we can do. Often times, in God’s ‘economy’, the smallest things hold the greatest value. Perhaps the smile we give to a stranger, the patience we give to those we meet (who aren’t having a good day), and the second, third, or perhaps seventh chances we give to others (wisely of course) is a small thing in our minds. However, in most cases, the positive attitude mixed with the small acts of kindness that we share can be a huge blessing to the receiver.

As we head into a weekend, what is something small (or at least small to you) that you could give that would be a disproportionately huge blessing to someone else? Instead of sitting on the sidelines, let’s be the blessing to someone and change the ‘nobody’ status in our minds into a ‘somebody’ status in the minds of those we help!